Computational Creativity in the Culinary Arts       


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Computational Creativity in the Culinary Arts - overview

Computational Explorations in the Culinary Arts

In this talk, we'll describe work on applying computational creativity and analytics to recipe and flavor design.   The immediate objective of this work is to create novel recipes that are interesting and pleasing to the palate while satisfying dietary and other requirements.   Our system combines a simple model to predict both the pleasantness and novelty (Baysian surprise) of a particular combination of ingredients in a dish.   Our talk will include a live demo of the system, technology permitting.    The larger objective of this work is to explore the ability to learn models of human sensory preference and to learn patterns that people use when designing recipes in order to assist chefs and industrial flavorists.

  Ashish Jagmohan
  Richard Goodwin
  Piyawadee Sukaviriya
  Krishna Ratakonda

FlavorCon Presentation

FlavorCon Presentation