2018 Internship Projects at IBM Research - Ireland       


2018 Internship Projects at IBM Research - Ireland - overview

The IBM Research lab in Dublin is looking for top MS and PhD students interested in all areas of research in computer science, including data mining and machine learning, cognitive computing, statistical modelling & optimisation, control and decision systems, social, semantic web, high performance computing.
Our internship program provides students with a unique opportunity to experience the research environment here at IBM. The program is highly competitive, and is designed for top students who are interested in tackling challenging research problems. Many of our student interns have authored papers, or even thesis, out of their sojourn with us; have contributed to open source projects; and/or have contributed to IBM products. Our research focuses on improving city operations and the well-being of citizens. We operate under a collaborative environment involving IBM scientists, industries and universities. We accompany IBM in its transformational journey with a focus on IoT solutions, Health, AI, HPC, Privacy and Machine Learning.

We offer:
* A stimulating, cross-disciplinary environment in a leading research organisation
* Opportunities for a unique combination of scientific and industrial research into real-world problems
* Excellent ties to research groups worldwide
* Up-to-date infrastructure and resources
* The ability to take part in large-scale international research projects
Successful candidates must be current MS or PhD students. In submitting their applications, students should specify the top 3 internship projects of interest to them, selecting from the list below.


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LIST OF INTERNSHIP PROJECTS (Click links for details):

Data Privacy for Health Care

Decision Gisting

Machine learning models for the humanitarian sector

Probabilistic preference model to account for incomparability

Virtual testing and Hardware-in-the-loop simulation

Distributed Optimization and Consensus

Real Time Car Sharing

Real-time filters for monitoring drivers behavior

Feedback control of the modal shift considering priority queues in traffic light control

City-scale real-time pollution estimation from roadway traffic

Forking events analysis in Blockchain protocols

Cognitive inverse modelling and its application to hydraulic diffusivity inversion

Can an AI understand the weather?

Large-scale Cognitive Workload Optimization

Healthcare & Social Care

Automated extracting of information from scientific and patent literature on chemistry

Multi-Robot Collaboration

Measuring Adversarial Robustness of Deep Neural Networks

Driver cognitive state detection

Identification of dynamical systems from sparse data sets

Driver risk assessment and mitigation

Event detection in networked systems

Time-varying optimisation for large-scale complex systems

Real-time data analysis and visualisation

AI for Automated Next Gen Cloud

X-Factor Deep Learning 

AI for Anomaly Detection using Deep Reinforcement Learning

Machine learning to forecast dynamic physical systems