2020 Internship Projects at IBM Research - Ireland     


2020 Internship Projects at IBM Research - Ireland - overview

The IBM Research lab in Dublin is looking for top MS and PhD students interested in all areas of research including: data mining and machine learning, AI, statistical modelling and optimisation, control and decision systems, social and semantic web, high performance computing, blockchain and quantum computing.

Our internship program provides students with a unique opportunity to experience the research environment here at IBM. The program is highly competitive, and is designed for top students who are interested in tackling challenging research problems. Many of our student interns have authored papers, filed patents, contributed to open source projects, and/or contributed to IBM products out of their sojourn with us.

At IBM Research - Ireland our open approach to research, coupled with the deep curiosity of our Researchers, creates breakthrough client focused outcomes in domains such as IoT/Digital Twin, AI Security, Privacy, Healthcare, Blockchain, Quantum and Cloud. Together, we define and test new technologies on real business problems, discovering new growth opportunities and contributing to the success of IBM platforms and solutions.

We operate under a collaborative environment involving IBM scientists, industries and universities.

We offer:

* A stimulating, cross-disciplinary environment in a leading research organisation

* Opportunities for a unique combination of scientific and industrial research into real-world problems

* Excellent ties to research groups worldwide

* Up-to-date infrastructure and resources

* The ability to take part in large-scale international research projects

Successful candidates must be current MS or PhD students and internship duration is for a minimum of 90 days. In submitting their applications, students should specify (in their cover letter) up to 3 projects of interest to them, selecting from the list below.



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Algorithmic Economics Projects

Evaluation and Explanation of Next Best Action Recommendations in Healthcare

Spatial-Temporal Feature Extraction

NLP for Knowledge Extraction, Active Learning, and Explainable Argumentation Mining

Formal knowledge extraction from unstructured text

NLP for Time Series Forecasting

Privacy-enhancing technology for Browser Extensions

Bounds on performance gap between greedy policies and MDP-based policies in MDP environment

JAMStack front-end for 'serverless' forecasting platform

Adversarial Robustness of Deep Neural Networks

Automated Data Science and Deep Neural Network Synthesis

Explainable machine learning models for humanitarian response

Data Privacy

Disentangled representation learning from videos

Biophysics inspired AI for dynamic perfusion quantification in living tissues

Computer Aided Design of Microwave Circuits

Making Convexifications Practical in Quantum Information Theory

Optimisation algorithms for quantum computers

Simulation models to guide AI learning

Modelling of cohorts of population affected by multiple chronic conditions 

Probabilistic Graphs for Sensor Data-driven Modelling of Cyber-Physical-Systems

Smart parking for improved urban mobility


High-Performance Systems for Next Generation Computing

Smart parking for improved urban mobility

Compact Representations of Patient States using Unsupervised Deep Learning Techniques