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Perception - overview

Perception Professional Interest Community (Perception PIC) brings together researchers from two closely related disciplines of cognitive computing, namely, natural language processing (NLP) and multi-media (MM) in order to respond to the multi-disciplinary aspects of fast growing cognitive computing. 

Natural Language Processing (NLP) has a long and distinguished history at IBM Research, and is currently the focus of numerous projects worldwide. Our interests cover a wide range of topics from Machine Translation, to Information Extraction, to Question Answering, culminated by the invention of Statistical Machine Translation, automatic machine translation evaluation metric BLEU and the world's Jeopardy champion WATSON, just to name a few.

Over the last two decades, IBM Research has been a dominant force in the development of new multimedia technologies. Streaming video servers, compression and content description standards, content-based retrieval, multimedia data mining, understanding and management, and computer vision are just a few of the areas where our researchers have made significant contributions. IBM Research has also helped to commercialize many of these new technologies in MPEG-2 chipsets, user interface devices, video servers, content management software, and digital media solutions for industries such as health care, retail, government, media, finance, entertainment, and education. 

This Perception PIC page provides information on current activities at IBM Research, on interactions with academia, and with the broader research community at large. You can also find information on events such as seminar series, recent papers, and on seminal contributions to the field.

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