Solution for the aging population in the City of Bolzano     


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Solution for the aging population in the City of Bolzano - overview

  1. A system to provide insight about aging population behavior using the Internet of Things and predictive analytics through environmental monitoring

The “Secure Living Project” (Abitare sicuri/sicheres wohnen), sponsored by The City of Bolzano and developed by IBM in cooperation with TIS is part of an initiative to enhance the quality of life of the elderly, providing greater independence and integration into society, while, at the same time, lowering public spending through more accessible and less invasive technologies. Already 30 elderly people in need of in-home assistance have been equipped with sensors and monitoring equipment in their homes as part of a pilot project. I designed the full project logic including the remote monitoring logic based on zig-bee to android and defined processes and requirements and led the team from scenario design to delivery.