Translational Systems Biology and Nanobiotechnology Group - overview

Our group focus on two areas of research at the boundary of technology and life sciences.  Translational Systems Biology & Nanobiotechnology

Translational Systems Biology

Translational systems biology focuses on systems biology research that is aligned with translational medicine outcomes



The other area of focus for the team is Nanobiotechnology.  The team’s work in this area focuses on the creation of devices that interaction on the nano scale biological materials, like DNA and exosomes.

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Strategic Partnerships

The group is engaged in a Strategic Partnership with Mount Sinai School of Medicine that has several ongoing projects and ongoing exchange of researchers.  This partnership benefits both institutions by bringing together IBM Research’s leadership in systems biology and nanotechnology and Mt Sinai’s world class biomedical  and clinical research. 


  • Single Cell Biology of Apoptosis
  • Transcriptional Mechanisms of Drug Synergy - Cancer Systems Biology
  • Liquid Biopsy on a Chip

Other Partnerships

We also have projects with several other universities, for and not for profit organizations.  The biggest of these is the DREAM Challenges which Gustavo Stolovitzky co-founded in 2006.  DREAM has grown into a vibrant international community with 100’s of organizations participating to become a force in systems biology and translational medicine crowd sourcing challenges.