Greenhaviour - overview

The IBM smarter planet strategic vision of an instrumented, interconnected, intelligent world can take advantage of both the web from web 2.0 logics and communication channels. On one hand users (themselves or using their means of transportation) can become “sensors” using their own mobile devices, giving feedback to a central entity which can take faster and better decisions through an intelligent analysis of the incoming data.By the other, channels like Twitter are ready-to-go global instruments able to connect and reach billions of users all over the world.

The Greenhaviour Project purpose was to transform this statements in matter of fact with a real live application of CO2 monitoring in a 13000 km journey from Italy to China (the so called VIAC Challenge), demonstrating how smartphones can be used to monitor some of the planet’s vital parameters like CO2 and proving the fact that this logic can be easily applied to daily life in order to improve in the far end the quality of life of people.