Programming Languages     


Programming Languages - overview

Developing Fortran, the first commercially viable high level language, was a seminal moment for the IBM Corporation and was one of the things that let it take an early lead over other computer companies.  We followed that by developing many of the fundamental components of compilers and programming technology.  Here are a few of the things we've participated in.

  1. 1952:  IBM 701 + Symbolic Assembler
  2. 1957:  Fortran
  3. 1960:  BNF - Backus-Naur Form
  4. 1962:  APL Programming Language
  5. 1970:  Cocke Younger Kasami [CYK] -- First N3 algorithm for parsing ambiguous languages
  6. 1970:  Compiler Optimizations
  7. 1979:  REXX Language and Incremental Interpreter Compiler
  8. 1982:  Register Allocation by Graph Coloring
  9. 1991:  SSA: Static Single Assignment Form
  10. 2001:  Jikes RVM for Java Research
  11. 2003:  Real-time Garbage Collection
  12. 2004:  Lock-free Memory Management
  13. 2006:  Wala - Static Analysis Capabilities for Java Bytecode and Related Languages