Software Engineering     


Software Engineering - overview

In the process of developing OS/360, at the time the largest program ever written, IBM learned many lessons central to the discipline of software engineering. This was in the era when software development was modelled on the processes used in developing and manufacturing machines.  Design patterns reflected a seminal work that showed how one plans for change, and AOSD showed how to structure code to be more morphable. Our deep knowledge of program analysis led to tools that are essential to today's methodologies.


  1. 1971:  Chief Programmer Team
  2. 1974:  Lehman's Laws of Software Evolution
  3. 1976:  Code Inspection
  4. 1975:  "The Mythical Man-Month"
  5. 1979:  Measuring Application Development Productivity
  6. 1992:  ODC - Orthogonal Defect Classification in Software
  7. 1993:  AOSD - Aspect-Oriented Software Development
  8. 1994:  Design Patterns
  9. 2001:  Eclipse IDE - Integrated Development Environment
  10. 2008:  WAIT - SaaS DevOps Performance Analysis 

Image credit: IBM