2016 IBM Research Workshop on Architectures for Cognitive Computing and Datacenters - overview

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The 2016 IBM Research Workshop on Architectures for Cognitive Computing and Datacenters will be held on Monday October 24th, 2016 at the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center in Yorktown Heights, New York.

Livestream link: https://bluestream.watson.ibm.com/v4/yorktown/ 

Slides are available here: IBMBox Folder

This event is a full-day workshop that provides a forum for invited students in the fields of cognitive computing, datacenter, computer architecture, and computer system design to showcase their work and interact with their peers and members of the IBM Research community.

Detailed Agenda:

8:30 9:00  Breakfast
9:00 9:35 Brandon Reagen - Harvard University, advised by Profs. David Brooks and Gu-Yeon Wei
Talk title: Architectural Support for Deep Learning at Harvard: Minerva, Fathom, Bayesian Optimization, and More
9:35 10:10 Johann Hauswald - University of Michigan, advised by Profs. Jason Mars, Lingjia Tang, and Trevor Mudge
Talk title: Investigating Emerging Workloads and Their Implications on Future Datacenter Designs
10:10 10:45

Keqiang He - University of Wisconsin-Madison, advised by Prof. Aditya Akella
Talk title: Improving Datacenter Network Performance via Intelligent Edge

10:45 11:00 Break
11:00 11:35

Prashant Nair - Georgia Institute of Technology, advised by Prof. Moin Qureshi
Talk title: Architectural Techniques to Enable Reliable and Scalable Memory Systems

11:35 12:10 Song Han - Stanford University, advised by Prof. Bill Dally
Talk title: Deep Compression and EIE: Deep Neural Network Model Compression and Hardware Acceleration
12:10  1:10 Lunch
1:10 2:00 THINKLab Event & Break
2:00 3:00 Keynote Talk
Dario Gil - Vice President of Science and Solutions, IBM Research
Talk title:  The Cognitive Era and the New Frontiers of Information Technology
3:00 3:20 Break
3:20 3:55 Neha Agarwal - University of Michigan, advised by Prof. Thomas Wenisch
Talk title: Paving a path for simplifying CPU-GPU coherence
3:55 4:30 Jason Lowe-Power - University of Wisconsin-Madison, advised by Profs. Mark Hill and David Wood
Talk title: Programmable Accelerators
4:30 5:30

Panel Session led by Michael Perrone - Evolving Architectures and Systems for Cognitive Applications

Homa Alemzadeh, IBM

Pradip Bose, IBM

Kailash Gopalakrishnan, IBM

George Kurian, Google

Jinjun Xiong, IBM

Mohamed Zahran, NYU

5:30    Closing Remarks

Instructions for visiting the T. J. Watson Research Center can be found here.

For more information please contact:
Michael B. Healy - mbhealy@us.ibm.com   
Zehra Sura - zsura@us.ibm.com   
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