IBM Research - Ireland Internship Project: Decision Gisting       


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IBM Research - Ireland Internship Project: Decision Gisting - overview

This project is concerned with developing a system that “listens” to a meeting where decisions are to be made, creates a summary of the discussion pertaining to the decision (identifies the decision, the proposed alternatives (and by whom), the criteria discussed, the constraints discussed).

This project offers a variety of options in terms of the specific content of the internship: (i) developing a new set of annotation on an existing corpus, (ii) starting the development of a new corpus, (iii) developing new algorithms for alternatives and preference extraction (iv) starting a new task such as discussion segmentation (when are people discussing about a decision and when are they discussing other topics) or agreement detection (detecting when an agreement has been reached in the conversation, if any).


Required Skills:
Natural Language Processing, Text mining, Machine Learning