IBM Research - Ireland Internship Project: Virtual testing and Hardware-in-the-loop simulation - overview


Vehicles are undergoing a huge revolution. They are transitioning from being isolated entities operating on the road to be connected, informed, devices. The goal of this project is to design new collaborative services for connected vehicles, which leverage technological IoT innovation and mathematical rigour. In particular, the focus of the project is on designing and developing a Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) platform to validate large scale systems arising in a number of applications for partially-autonomous driving functions and cognitive automotive analytics.

In this contexts, the duties of the intern include:

  • Contributing to the development of the HiL platform;
    · Testing and validation cognitive automotive related functions;
    · Implementation of HiL software via Python.

Required skills:

  • Excellent knowledge of Python;
    · Excellent knowledge of Markov Processes, with a focus on asymptotic behaviours;
    · Familiarity with SUMO;
    · Familiarity with the Android SDKs;
    · Track record on control/systems/CS top journals;
    · Enthusiastic and committed to deliver results in a fast paced environment.