IBM Research - Ireland Project:Distributed Optimization and Consensus       


IBM Research - Ireland Project:Distributed Optimization and Consensus - overview

Abstract: We are now in a time where everything can be interconnected and programmed: the IoT is rapidly leading to a new industrial revolution, where a network of objects communicate with each other and objects (or nodes) indeed collaborate in order to fulfil a common goal that could not be achieved by any individual object, if this was isolated. 
This new technological paradigm is also leading to a new paradigm in Control Theory: for these networked applications, it is indeed more convenient to design “local”, or decentralized control protocols, residing onto each node, rather than designing a central controller orchestrating the behaviour of all the objects in the network. 
We seek to explore new methodologies to design novel decentralized control protocols for one or more of the following cases:

  • Networks where each node has asynchronous sampling times and communications;
    · Networks where a subset of objects “lies” to the others and indeed becomes malicious for other nodes;
    · Networks with evolving topologies.

The duties of the intern include:

  • Formalization of control and distributed optimization problems;
    · Synthesis of decentralized control protocols;
    · Simulation via Python and/or Matlab/Simulink;
    · benchmarking the decentralized algorithms onto real world applications.

Required skills:

  • Excellent knowledge of Matlab/Simuling and/or Python;
    · Excellent knowledge of nonlinear dynamical systems and control (excellent knowledge of stability analysis techniques such as Lyapunov, passivity, contraction is a plus);
    · Track record on control/systems top journals;
    · Enthusiastic and committed to deliver results in a fast paced environment.