IBM Research - Ireland Project: Feedback control of the modal shift considering priority queues in traffic light control - overview

Abstract: The modal shift towards public transport is the priority of many city policy makers. New techniques of traffic optimisation in cities look into prioritising traffic fleets that are less prone to deteriorating pollution and noise levels, i.e. pedestrians, cyclists, buses. Recent work has been done on queue-based traffic light optimisation.

This work will adapt recent work on prioritising specific traffic classes. It will assess how this new optimisation policy affects travel times of pedestrians, buses, vehicles, etc. in a city considering a realistic demand model for trips in the city. Then by considering the elasticity coefficient between travel times and OD trips available in the literature, it will investigate how many citizens are actually contributing to the modal shift towards public transport. A feedback mechanism to control the modal shift will be proposed.  

Required skills: strong interest in optimisation, genuine interest in code development (Python, SUMO, GIS) and in transport policy.