IBM Research - Ireland Internship Project: City-scale real-time pollution estimation from roadway traffic - overview

Abstract: Pollution monitoring is only starting to take place in cities thanks to the increasing environmental data sources, e.g. air pollution measurements, weather data, precise knowledge of traffic volumes. Recent work in this area includes a data assimilation framework for urban air pollution monitoring and a modelling chain to estimate pollution levels from highway traffic.

This project will take advantage of available data feeds for traffic volumes, weather conditions, air pollution levels at stations across a city. The goal of this project is to be able to assess with accuracy how much city traffic contributes to air pollution levels. Pollutant emissions and dispersion levels will be integrated in a data assimilation framework. This will provide insights on how to better manage air pollution levels on critical days by leveraging city traffic.

Required skills: Code development (interfacing different types of models, different types of data sources), critical thinking, genuine interest in sustainable cities.