IBM Research - Ireland Internship Project: Cognitive Disruption Control in Complex Schedules - overview

Abstract:  Schedule disruptions are a significant source of unplanned costs in various transport services (e.g., airlines, rail). Operations controllers can mitigate the financial and service impacts of disruptions if they can estimate the costs of the disruptions and have suggestions as to what to do.

In this project, the student will work with IBM Research staff
to develop/implement/test the cognitive disruption control algorithms for complex schedules, which allow controllers to mitigate the effect of disruptions. 
This includes (i) use of disruption models to explore shortcomings of existing strategies for selecting control actions, (ii) modifications of strategies for selecting control actions, (iii) implementing these strategies in algorithms and (iv) assessing their performance on real data.
The final goal of the project is to develop/test the prototype and implement it as a general purpose C++ library.

Required skills:
- PhD student in Optimisation, Control Theory, or Applied Mathematics. 
- Background in numerical analysis and/or optimisation algorithms. 
- Experience in C++/Python/Matlab programming.