IBM Research - Ireland Internship Project: Forking events analysis in Blockchain protocols - overview


Blockchain is the fabric at the core of crypto-currencies and it is based on the concept of algorithmic consensus. A methodology to preserve the fabric in the presence of consensus breaking inconsistencies (generated by an adversary or by inconsistent sub-versioning of the core software) is for a Blockchain to be forked. While this can be considered a brute force patch it has been implemented more than once in widely used crypto-currencies. This project aims at applying probability theory and advanced computational complexity to study current and past fork events in crypto-currencies, their root causes, their impact on the Blockchain fabric and the possibility of alternative consensus repairing solutions.

Required skills:

Currently enrolled in a PhD in Cybersecurity, Cryptography or Computers Science.

Deep knowledge of probability theory, advanced computational complexity.

Coding skills: C, C++, Go