Interactive AI Research Group     


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Interactive AI Research Group - overview

The Interactive AI group tackles solutions and algorithms where the user influences the system and the system influences the user. Our work includes recommender systems, dialogue systems and decision support solutions with a focus on explainability and interaction leveraging a wide range of techniques from machine learning, frequent pattern mining, reasoning, AI heuristic search and  AI planning. We are based in the IBM Research Lab - Dublin.

We’re looking for a Research Software Engineer and a Research Scientist to join our Interactive AI team in IBM Research Dublin. The Interactive AI team aims to push the boundaries of artificial intelligence to elicit and consume feedback enabling interactive and adaptive learning.

Research Software Engineer – Interactive AI

Research Scientist – Interactive AI

Current projects include:

  • Interactive AI techniques
  • Explainability
  • Auto RL
  • Incremental Machine Learning
  • Merlin toolkit for inference over probabilistic graphical models