Precision Diagnostics     


Precision Diagnostics - overview

In the precision diagnostics project, we are creating enabling technologies for healthcare and life sciences using multidisciplinary research and a problem-oriented agenda. Our goal is to solve important medical problems while generating massive amounts of high-value data.

Much of the knowledge we have in biology and medicine is derived from the ability to detect analytes from complex biological samples. In addition, precise analysis of biological samples is vital for diagnostics and managing patients. Therefore, new bioanalytical tools are critically needed to push the frontiers of knowledge in life sciences and to improve healthcare.

Over the years, we have gradually shifted from research on self-assembly, soft lithography and microtechnology to issues in biology and medicine where critical technology gaps exist. The group is currently focusing on three areas:

Microfluidic probe for analysis of tissue sections and cells for pathology and cancer research.

Microfluidics for mobile health for rapid and precise detection of analytes for point-of-care diagnostics. 

Microfluidics for cell research for inter-cellular pathways that are relevant to diseases of the brain.


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Keywords: Microfluidics, microfluidic probe, self-assembly, soft lithography, microtechnology, life science, healthcare, mobile health, personalized medicine, point-of-care immunoassays, crypto anchors, tissue micro-processing, cell research