Big Data - Open Source Analytics     



Big Data - Open Source Analytics - overview


Open Source Analytics is an emerging technology with tools and capabilities that can perform extensive tasks within a Big Data domain. These tasks are ad-hoc and vary widely from sending communications about a sales rep to the territory manager to updating a chief executive officer. The objective is to identify and deliver information on factors that drive revenue growth from areas seeking proactive measures, and performing variety of tasks such as: real time analytics to highlight performance improvements via dashboards using specific data science algorithm(s).


The product offerings under Open Source Analytic are :

  • Spark - Analytics
  • BigInisght - Data Lake
  • BigSQL, A value add service of BigInsight – Query Engine on Data lake
  • Bluemix – IOT/Real Time Applications
  • Data Science Experience – Visualization on data
  • Watson/Watson Data Platform – AI Enabled Visualizations
  • Compose Database deployment service (Elastic Search, Mongodb,etcd..etc)