IBM Research India - Secure Data and Analytics Over Outsourced Databases     


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IBM Research India - Secure Data and Analytics Over Outsourced Databases - overview

The mission of our team is to build a data and analytics processing platform that provides security as well as performance. The processing activities are carried out by the cloud server directly on the encrypted data and encrypted results are generated, which are then decrypted by the client. The guarantee we provide is that the results which the client gets after decryption are exactly the same which we will get if the processing activities were carried out on plain text data.
To achieve this mission our team is currently focused on following activities:

  • Enabling Database engines to work directly on encrypted data. The challenge here is to carry forward the full functionality of SQL in the encrypted domain efficiently.
  • Enabling non structured data sources to work directly on encrypted data. The unstructured nature of data and queries makes it particularly challenging to develop protocols that achieve desired functionality in a secure and efficient manner.
  • Allowing cloud to compute analytics over encrypted data. The friction between analytics (trying to find pattern in data) and encryption (trying to hide pattern in data) make it very interesting to design such systems.

We use the existing cryptographic tools extensively to solve these challenging problems. In addition we work on fine tuning the designed protocols and implementations to get the best performance out of them.