Employee Engagement Social Analytics     


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Employee Engagement Social Analytics - overview

Employee engagement is an important concept in management sciences, and increasingly in HCI and CSCW. It is part of the broader topic of emotions at work (i.e., the experience of work), and is thus related to social media studies of affect and mood, in workplaces and in ordinary life. Similarly to emotion, engagement can be sensed through social media. Researchers have shown that engaged employees tend to be more happier with their work and their communities of co-workers, and also that their clients tend to be more satisfied with their work. Organizations care about engagement, and individual employees may also care about the engagement of self and of others.

Our work has shown that engagement can be predicted from internally-public social texts by employees (Shami et al., CHI 2014). We have also noted a relationship of engagement to network centrality (Guha et al., ICWSM 2015). Finally, we have shown that engagement can be "contagious" within organizations (similar to studies of contagion of happiness), following interpersonal lines of relationships through both peer-to-peer relations among people who report to the same manager, and friendship relations in internal employee social networks (Muller et al., GROUP 2016).