Exploiting Accelerator Diversity for Cognitive Workloads - Workshop at MICRO 2017 - overview


End to End Cognitive workflows span varying degrees of granularity of parallelism. Accelerating such workflows using a single accelerator type usually provides speedup only for a limited set of stages. IBM's next-generation POWER9 systems will support a large collection of accelerator types switched through a high bandwidth on-chip crossbar switch. This will allow a large class of workloads and multi-granular workflows to be accelerated using a single platform. This workshop will explore acceleration opportunities in existing and upcoming workflows. We will also explore the creation of a community & ecosystem around POWER9 acceleration technology for academics and industry practitioners.


14th October, 2017


8:30 AM to 5:30 PM


Cambridge, MA (co-located with MICRO 2017)

Keynote talks

1. University Keynote:

C3SR Cloud Tools and Libraries for Exploiting Heterogeneous Cognitive Computing Systems

Prof. Wen Mei-Hwu (University of Illinois and Urbana Champaign)

The IBM-Illinois Center for Cognitive Computing System Research has developed a suite of tools and libraries for deploying cloud-based cognitive workloads on heterogeneous computing systems. In this tutorial, we will introduce two of these tools and one of these libraries. RAI is a programming interface that allows the developer to develop a heterogeneous application on a client device and seamlessly launch the execution on heterogeneous computing resources in the cloud. We have successfully supported hundreds of students developing their cognitive application project for two Illinois heterogeneous parallel programming classes with RAI. The second tool is CarML, a web service site that supports experimentation and benchmarking of machine-learning frameworks and models on various heterogeneous computing systems. The Chai library is designed to enable efficient collaborative execution of CPUs, GPUs, and custom accelerators in system. There will be hands-on exercises for these tools and libraries.

2. Industry Keynote:

Systems Design: IBM Power9 and Beyond

Steve Fields (IBM Fellow)