Robotics. Enabling novel spatial cognition applications       


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Robotics. Enabling novel spatial cognition applications - overview

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The phy­si­cal en­vir­on­ment it­self is the ul­ti­mate user in­ter­face be­tween man and machine.

—Martin Rufli, IBM scientist

We aim to enable IBM’s cognitive computer Watson to perceive and reason on a semantic level in response to the unstructured physical world in which it is embedded. This will facilitate services where humans and cognitive systems interact and collaborate in real time.
We refer to this emerging area of robotics as “spatial cognition”. Applications of spatial cognition range from service robotics in domestic, commercial and industrial settings to mixed reality and cognitive IoT.
Read on to get a glimpse of the many core methods and use-case scenarios we are working on, for which spatial cognition represents a critical enabler.