1st Workshop on People+AI Society @NORDCHI 2018 (WORKSHOP UNDER REVIEW) - overview

 With the rapid development and adoption of Artificial Intelligence Powered Systems (AIPS), the relationship between humans and machines has become increasingly more complex and nuanced. Because humans and AIPS may need to work very close together to achieve several tasks or goals and new forms of communication and interaction are required to achieve this human-AIPS symbiosis: how AIPS and people should collaborate between themselves? How AIPS should communicate amongst themselves? How AIPS should explain their rationale and intentions to humans? How developers can model and coordinate many AIPS to achieve a given goal? We thus propose the first of a series of workshops on the topic: People+AI Society. In this first one-day multidisciplinary workshop, we aim at bringing together different researchers and practitioners involved with AIPS development, evaluation, and use. Our goal is to facilitate in-depth discussions on the kinds of resources, such as, methodologies, tools, and processes, we need for designing and developing AIPS that are more capable of playing fuller and more integrated roles in our society



Importante Dates

Position Paper Submission Deadline: 10 August 2018

Position Paper Notification Deadline: 17 August 2018

Workshop: September 29 (Saturday) OR September 30 (Sunday) - in definition