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Prizma-EP - overview

IBM Power Packet Routing Switch 64G

IBMPowerPRS64GModuleThe Prizma-EP (IBM PowerPRS 64G) is one of a family of second-generation switching devices designed for high-performance, nonblocking, fixed-length packet switching. This device is a single-chip switch element which exploits the performance advantage of the shared-output queuing structure and from which larger, self-routing single-stage or multi-stage switch fabrics can be constructed in a modular way. Prizma-EP is a 32x32@2Gb/s per port switching element, which enables the development of scalable switch fabrics with an aggregate bandwidth of 64 to 512 Gb/s. Internal and external speed expansion, port expansion, and port-paralleling configurations provide options for scaling the combination of port speed and the number of ports.

Prizma-EP builds on the Prizma packet routing switch architecture developed at IBM's Research Laboratory in the past decade [9]. The key features of the Prizma switch architecture are very high performance achieved by a strict separation of control and data paths, efficient queuing algorithms, and very large-scale integration on a single chip. This provides a unique level of flexibility, enabling multiple chips to be combined in many ways to build a broad range of communication nodes.

Whereas the initial Prizma switch architecture relied solely on output buffering (using a "shared memory" switch chip), the current architecture combines virtual-output queuing and output buffering [15]. This gives the switch its very high performance, independent of packet size.

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Note: Applied Micro Circuit Corporation (AMCC) has acquired certain assets and licensed certain IP associated with the IBM Switch Fabric IC chipset product line. Effective today AMCC will market, supply, and support this product line. IBM will continue to provide legacy documentation at this site until December 31, 2003 on behalf of AMCC. Please visit the AMCC website to access product information after January 1, 2004. Additional information and documentation can be found at


Prizma-EP's behavioral model Prizma-EP behavioral model

Prizma-EP's physical design (IBM Boeblingen) Prizma-EP physical design (IBM Boeblingen)