Cognitive IoT for Agriculture in India & Emerging Markets       


Cognitive IoT for Agriculture in India & Emerging Markets - overview

At IBM Research – India, we are combining multiple global satellite based information sources to compute agronomic insights at a fine-grained level (<10 km, and in some cases sub-acre (30x30 m2) level). We also enhance the quality of the data to overcome cloud-occlusion during the Indian monsoon seasons using machine learning techniques and fusing multiple information sources. These precision insights are then being delivered to low-end smartphones (costing ∼$50) to the farmers and agronomists on the fields. Farmers can now tap the rich remote sensing data, and sophisticated output of cognitive analytics to get predictive insight on their farms at the right time to manage scarce groundwater-based irrigation, optimize the timing/amount of fertilizers & pesticides for the right part of their farm, and time their harvest to maximize produce, and minimize wastage.