IBM Research - Ireland Internship Project: Real-time data analysis and visualisation - overview

Project Description:

In the big data era, important challenges arise in the context of real-time data analysis and visualisation of relevant features. One example is ridesharing services, that process hundreds of ride requests every minutes and deal with fleets of thousands vehicles. The objective of this project is to analyse the data coming from the fleet in real-time, understand its status and real-time performance, while displaying important features of the service (e.g., location, routing, expected ride times, etc.).  This would enable a further optimisation of the service. 

Your Role:

- Contribute to the development, optimisation and deployment of code in either Python or Java. 
- Perform statistical and signal processing tasks on the data stream.
- Experience with front-end development, Javascript, HTML, Cloud computing, and REST APIs is required.
- Experience with mobile apps development, D3.js, and Leaflet (for data visualisation) is preferred.