Drishti: Lightweight Desktop Analytics       



Drishti: Lightweight Desktop Analytics - overview

Drishti is an interactive, lightweight desktop tool to analyze structured and unstructured data. It can be used to analyse relational data in any available form to quickly slice and dice through it to find answers to your questions and also provides insights into what you would not normally find out. It has a simple and intuitive user interface, which can be used with minimal configuration/training.

An important application of Drishti is in helping analyze large volumes of problem ticket data quickly by slicing and dicing and searching through various fields of the ticket data, and extracting structured information from the text fields like description etc.

Drishti currently accepts data input from excel sheets and imports it for quick interactive analysis. For detailed information on the tool, use the links on the left hand menu of this page.

Drishti is also an effort to bring unstructured text analytics to common man, so that more meaningful information can be extracted from the textual data fields which have been traditionally ignored for analysis because o the effort needed for manual analysis.
While IBM has a rich portfolio of Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing tool, they are meant for very high end and sophisticated data analysis. In solving the complexity they need to address, there are some unavoidable tenets they have to stick to, like client server architectures, connectivity to multiple databases, huge installation size, etc. Thus they are very suitable for a broadbased installation which can be used by multiple user administered by few. This most often demoralizes a single individual user to try and install the above on his desktop. To do so for analyzing a single table with few 1000 records is not productive. Drishti tries to address this gap, without going into the territory of supporting very huge databases, or business intelligence, or reporting. Just to reiterate, Drishti is not a Data warehouse tool, nor a heavy-weight business intelligence application, nor a reporting tool


IBM Research Accomplishment Award - 2010
IBM Research Accomplishment Award - 2012