COCKPIT: Citizens Collaboration & Co-creation in Public Service Delivery       



COCKPIT: Citizens Collaboration & Co-creation in Public Service Delivery - overview

Governments are striving to deliver more efficient and effective public services in order to achieve better public service quality, with reduced waiting times, improved cost effectiveness, higher productivity and more transparency. It is an issue of doing things in new ways which requires fundamental change in the provision of public services in the future and a complete new approach for Governments to work and interact with their citizens.

Cockpit aims to define a new Governance model which actively engages and empowers citizens in Public Service delivery decision making process. Cockpit will combine the research areas of citizens opinion mining in the context of Web 2.0, enhance Service Science Management Engineering in the context of the public sector and encourage deliberative engagement of citizens for forming informed judgments on public services delivery.

Globalization increasing automation, and the growth of Internet are change-driving forces which inevitably stimulate Governments to reconsider the way they deliver public services.

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