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Antimicrobial Materials @ IBM Research–Almaden - overview

Macromolecular Antimicrobials

Antimicrobial Materials@IBM Research–Almaden is one of many project areas of the Advanced Materials for Nanomedicine group at Almaden. This project page contains information and publications regarding our work on antimicrobial materials.

The onset of drug resistance to common antibiotics is cause for mounting concern in both clinical and agriculutural settings. Our group, in collaboration with IBN Nanomedicine in Singapore, have developed several antimicrobial polymer platforms that not only successfully kill pathogenic microbes, but also overcome drug resistance as well.


The above electron micrographs show A. baumanii before (left) and after (right) of treatment with macromolecular antimicrobial polymers.

Our antimicrobial materials can be broadly classified into either antimicrobial polymers or hydrogels, both of which may be used to treat bacterial infections.


Antimicrobial Polymers

We have designed numerous antimicrobial polymer platforms. A common feature of these systems are the utilization of a cationic charge to selectively target and engage with pathogenic bacteria.


Antimicrobial Hydrogels

Hydrogels have enormous potential for topical wound care and drug delivery. We have developed antimicrobial hydrogels for combating bacterial infections.


Macromolecular Antifungals

We have developed several macromolecular antifungal platforms for combatting pathogenic fungi without toxicity against mammalian cells.