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Antiviral Materials@IBM Research-Almaden - overview

Macromolecular Antivirals

Antimicrobial Materials@IBM Research–Almaden is one of many project areas of the Advanced Materials for Nanomedicine group at Almaden. This project page contains information and publications regarding our work on antimicrobial materials.

Our efforts towards making broad-spectrum antiviral polymers have focused on the decoration of branched PEI with different sugars. These sugar-functionalized materials have three distinct means of action which are:


Through attraction, the sugar decorated polymer binds to the viral capsid proteins via hydrogen bonding actions as seen below.

Protection comes in to effect as the polymers will block viral entry into healthy cells.

Finally, through neutralization, the polymer will prevent viral replication once it enters inside the cell.

Our recent work has demonstrated the high amounts of efficacy across numerous types of viruses.