Macromolecular Chemotherapeutics and Anticancer Drug Delivery - overview

Materials Driven Cancer Therapy

Macromolecular Chemotherapeutics and Anticancer Drug Delivery is one of many project areas of the Advanced Materials for Nanomedicine group at IBM Research—Almaden. This project page contains information and publications regarding our work on antimicrobial materials.

Effective systems for the treatment of cancer are of critical importance for modern healthcare systems. Not only must these systems effectively treat cancer, but also have low toxicicty and avoid generating drug resistance in cancer.

To address this we have developed new materials as drug and gene delivery systems as well as macromolecular chemotherapeutics.


Macromolecular Chemotherapeutics

Drug resistance is a common problem in nearly all chemotherapeutic treatments. In collaboration with IBN Nanomedicine, IMCB, and GIS, we have developed a new, versatile anticancer macromolecules that are effective in treating drug resistant cancer cells, preventing cancer cell migration, and do not induce resistance development after multiple treatments.


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Drug and Gene Delivery

The efficient and selective delivery of small-molecule drugs to their targets in cancer cells is important, not only to achieve therapeutic efficacy, but also reduce off target toxicity.

To this end we have developed numerous micelle and hydrogel based platforms (as seen in our vitamin E based platform above) to enable efficient encapsulation, transport and release of of small molecule drugs.


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