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Workshop on Discrete Optimization - overview

Workshop Attendees


A Workshop on Discrete Optimization in honor of William Pulleyblank is being held on May 31-June 1, 2018 at the IBM T. J. Watson Research Center Auditorium to mark the 70th birthday of Bill Pulleyblank, who turned 70 in October, 2017. The organizers are Sanjeeb Dash and Baruch Schieber from IBM Research, and William Cook, from the University of Waterloo. The workshop is sponsored by IBM Research AI and the Office of Naval Research. George Nemhauser from ISYE, Georgia Tech. is the Principal Investigator of the ONR grant for the workshop.

Bill Pulleyblank is a member of the National Academy of Engineering with numerous honors in the fields of Operations Research, discrete optimization and high-performance computing. He is currently a Professor of Operations Research at the US Military Academy at West Point. Prior to this, he worked at IBM Research for many years. He was the head of the Mathematical Sciences Department for some time, and subsequently led the Blue Gene project. Before IBM Research, Dr. Pulleyblank was a Professor at the University of Waterloo, where he made numerous contributions to Discrete Optimization.

The workshop will run from Thursday morning to Friday evening, with six-eight technical sessions featuring many distinguished academics and researchers (current list of invited attendees).

The topics covered in the lectures include mixed-integer linear programming, combinatorial optimization, and applications of these topics, and also high-performance computing. See the full list of abstracts below.

Speaker Abstracts


Thu, May 31, 2018

9:40 AM Opening Remarks  
10-10:30 AM  Jack Edmonds Blossom Programs and Their Polytopes by Pulleyblank et al.
10:30-11 AM Bruce Shepherd (British Columbia) When do Gomory-Hu Subtrees Exist?
11-11:30 AM  Coffee break  
11:30-12 PM  Gerard Cornuejols (CMU) Total Dual Integrality and the Packing Property
12-12:30 PM

 David Hartvigsen(U. Notre Dame)

Packing k-matchings and k-critical Graphs
12:30-2 PM  Lunch  
2-2:30 PM  Michel Goemans (MIT) Some of my favorite results of Bill Pulleyblank
2:30-3 PM Sandor Fekete  (Technische Universitaet Braunschweig) Combinatorial Optimization meets Computational Geometry
3-3:30 PM  Bruce Reed (McGill) Iterative Compaction and the Two Disjoint Rooted Path Problem
3:30-4 PM  Coffee  
4-4:30 PM  Ajay Royyuru (IBM) The Sizzle of Simulations in Life Sciences
4:30-5 PM  Brian Macdonald (Florida Panthers) Optimization problems in professional sports
6:15-9:30PM Conference Dinner  
  Brenda Dietrich (Cornell)  
  Alan Hoffman  
  Steven Horton (USMA)  
  George Nemhauser (Georgia Tech.)  


Fri, June 1, 2018

10-10:30 AM  Mike Trick (CMU) Combining Realignment with Scheduling for Sports Leagues
10:30-11 AM

 Andrew Conn (IBM)

An l1-Augmented Lagrangian algorithm and why, at least sometimes, it is a very good idea

11-11:30 AM  Coffee break  
11:30-12 PM  Baruch Schieber (IBM) Constrained Submodular Maximization via Greedy Local Search
12-12:30 PM  Donald Wagner (Office of Naval Research) Nonseparating cocircuits in binary matroids
12:30-2 PM  Lunch  
2-2:30 PM  Dimitris Bertsimas (MIT) From Data to Decisions
2:30-3 PM  David Applegate (Google) Some scheduling problems for TensorFlow computations
3-3:30 PM  George Nemhauser (Georgia Tech.) Machine Learning for Integer Programming
3:30-4 PM  Coffee  
4-4:30 PM Francisco Barahona (IBM) On two cooperative games related to shortest paths and minimum cuts
4:30-5 PM Thomas Magnanti (MIT) A Bit About Bill, A Bit About Scheduling with Testing



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