Speech - overview

IBM speech has a long and rich research tradition with numerous seminal contributions to the speech processing field in the world over the past few decades. The Speech PIC centers around the emerging and future speech and language interface technologies that support human-computer interaction, focusing on the enabling technologies that help computers hear, speak and understand. The PIC covers a wide variety of speech and language related research areas including but not limited to

  •  speech recognition
  •  speech synthesis
  •  speech enhancement
  •  multilingual speech processing
  •  speaker recognition/verification
  •  spoken term detection
  •  speech-to-speech translation
  •  spoken language understanding

The mission of the Speech PIC is to promote the advancement of speech and language technologies across IBM global research labs, cultivate the collaboration with universities, and enhance IBM's image in the speech and language community. 

Historically, the Speech PIC was part of the Interaction PIC and, prior to that, User Interface Technologies (UIT) PIC.