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Blockchain and Finance Research @ IBM Research - Tokyo - overview

Blockchain and Finance Research at IBM Research - Tokyo!


  • Blockchain Solutions
Blockchains, also known as Distributed Ledger Technologies, is the technology that allows multiple parties to securely share data without needing a centralized authority. Especially, Smart Contract is expected to transform many industries, by enabling shared business logic and rules in cross-organizational business processes.
IBM Research – Tokyo has been focusing on real-world use cases of smart contracts, exploring potential industry transformations by building ecosystem on automated multi-party contract execution. The team has been developing tools and framework to increase productivity and accuracy of smart contracts, including a technology to generation of smart contracts that encode obligations in legal contract documents. Potential application includes use cases in banking, financial markets, and insurance, as well as non-financial industry use cases.
  • Financial Services Research (金融・保険インダストリー向けリサーチ)
By evolution of Big data analysis, IoT and AI technologies, traditional notion and business model of financial services industry and insurance industry have been significantly chainging.
TRL has been exploring advanced machine learning technologies such as deep learning for big data in real world and developing technologies that can analyze fine-grained risks, predict future risky situation, and mitigate potential loss in the future.