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IBM Cloud and Mobile Enterprise Research - overview

Our group is composed of five teams based out of IBM Research - Almaden in San Jose, California, USA, led by Sandeep Gopisetty.  We improve organizational transformation, performance, and profitability through the novel use of technology.  Collectively, our expertise spans analytics, machine learning, sensors, operations research, and human-machine interaction.
We engage with IBM business units, clients, and universities to understand challenging, real world problems and spark new approaches that enable end-to-end enterprise-class technologies, solutions, and servicesOur technology innovations directly impact all five IBM business segments with emphasis in cloud, mobile, Internet of Things, cognitive systems, artificial intelligence, blockchain, data security, technology services, and storage and systems management applications.  In addition, our innovations have been directly applied in industries including healthcare, transportation, banking, legal, energy, and entertainment.  Research and development from our group has resulted in multi-billion dollar improvements in IBM products and services. 
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