rSLA - overview

rSLA: Managing SLAs and Quality-of-Service in Cloud Environments

Cloud providers offer services at different levels of abstraction from infrastructure to applications. The quality of Cloud services is a key determinant of the overall service level a provider offers to its customers. Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are crucial for Cloud customers to ensure that promised levels of services are met and a differentiating factor for providers. Cloud providers and services are often selected more dynamically than in traditional IT services, and as a result, SLAs need to be set up and their monitoring implemented to match the same speed. In this context, managing SLAs is complex: different Cloud providers expose different management interfaces and SLAs metrics differ from one provider to another.

To address the above described challenges, the AI Platforms Group has created the rSLA framework that enables fast setup of SLA monitoring in dynamic and heterogeneous Cloud environments. The rSLA framework is made up of three main components:

  • the rSLA domain-specific language (DSL) to formally represent SLAs,
  • the rSLA Service, which interprets the SLAs and implements the behavior specified in them for reading of measurements, aggregation of metrics, evaluation of Service Level Objectives (SLOs) and execution of reporting or configuration actions, and
  • a set of Xlets - lightweight, dynamically bound adapters to monitoring and controlling interfaces.

The rSLA framework has been evaluated in several pilots and has proven to enable dynamic setup of service quality management in a short time frame at low cost.



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