The Computer Aided Design of Microwave Circuits     


The Computer Aided Design of Microwave Circuits - overview


Quantum computing at IBM is driven cross-disciplinary by developing scalable quantum systems, and potential applications for the quantum technology available today. As the work on such quantum computing systems progresses, computer-aided design becomes essential. The goal of this project is to devise optimisation algorithms for combinatorial optimisation problems within the design of microwave circuitry, such as quantum computers with transmon qubits. This combines the usual layout problems of computer-aided design (crossing-number minimisation) and a number of problems specific to microwave circuits (frequency allocation, length-frequency constraints). It is envisioned that the resulting model will be a mixed-integer conic optimisation problem. Experience with mixed-integer programming is then essential, and some understanding of the microwave circuitry and quantum computing is preferred.


Required Skills:

  • An interest in optimisation problems in computer-aided design
  • An interest in microwave circuitry or quantum computing
  • Skills in mixed-integer optimisation