Modelling of cohorts of population affected by multiple chronic conditions     


Modelling of cohorts of population affected by multiple chronic conditions - overview

Multimorbidity, referring to having two or more diseases at the same time, has an increasing prevalence in the population, partly due to ageing. In the EU, 50 million people live with multiple chronic diseases. Persons with multimorbidity (PwM) and their informal carers face several issues, e.g., mixed medications or managing interactions between conditions or treatments. Unfortunately, health systems are generally built using a single disease framework of care. In this framework the need of an effective model to describe cohorts of population affected by more than one chronic conditions is fundamental to design effective intervention plans. 
This internship aims to advance the state of the art in this sense and to work on recommendation systems for intervention plans. The end goal is a research prototype and a submission in top key AI and HI conferences: AAAI, Medinfo, AMIA, ICHI. 
Required skills:
·       Research expertise in statistical modelling and recommendation systems
·       Strong programming skills in Python
·       Good communication skills