Scalable Knowledge Intelligence - overview

About Us

We are an AI research organization in the IBM Research – Almaden, San Jose, California.

Our research group focuses on building next-generation enterprise-scale technologies spanning the AI lifecycle of knowledge representation, creation and refinement with both data-driven and human-in-the-loop approaches. This involves problems spanning the areas of Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Deep Learning, Databases (particulary Entity Resolution and Data Integration), Data Mining, Information Retrieval, and Human Computer Interaction.

Our Mission

Our mission is to conduct world-class scientific research with significant impact to the real-world, with a focus on building AI systems that are:

  • Scalable and self-explaining with support for provenance, debugging and error analysis 
  • Evolvable through training / learning / feedback incorporation
  • With human-in-the-loop to capture knowledge from domain experts, knowledge workers & end users

Our current focus is to develop the next-generation human-in-the-loop systems and tools for building structured curated knowledge from combinations of unstructured and semi-structured data sources, for various deep domains (e.g. healthcare, finance, material science).

Success Criteria

  • External recognition, publications, and IP
  • Business impact on IBM clients via product transfer and client engagements
  • Adoption, reliability, resiliency of our technology.


2021 - IBM Outstanding Research Accomplishment Award (upgrade): "Research Contributions to Watson NLP Stack"

2021 - IBM Research Accomplishment Award: "Research Contributions to Watson OneConversion"

2020 - IBM Research Accomplishment Award: "Research Contributions to Watson NLP Stack"

2020 - IBM Research Accomplishment Award: "Deep Thinking Question Answering"

2020 - IBM Special Division Accomplishment Award: "Research Contributions to the IBM COVID-19 Technology Taskforce"

2020 - ISWC Best Poster/Demo Award

2020 - Alonzo Church Award for Outstanding Contributions to Logic and Computation

2019 - IBM Research Accomplishment Award: "Expanded Shallow Semantic Parsing and its Transfer to Watson Products"

2019 - IBM Research Accomplishment Award: "Research Contributions to Document Understanding (Document Conversion, Compare and Table Understanding)"

2019 - IBM Research Accomplishment Award: "IBM Services Solution Advisor and Cognitive Document Risk Analyzer"

2019 - AKBC Best Application Paper Award

2019 - YMCA Silicon Valley Tribute to Women Award

2018 - IBM Research Accomplishment Award: "Foundations for Inverses of Schema Mappings and Applications to Schema Evolution Management"

2018 - IBM Research Accomplishment Award: "Declarative Machine/Deep Learning (SystemML)"

2018 - NAACL Test-of-Time Award

2017 - IBM Research Accomplishment Award: "High-Level Language for Entity Resolution and Integration"

2016 - IBM Research Accomplishment Award

2016 - VLDB Best Paper Award

2015 - ICDT Best Paper Award

2014 - ACM PODS Test-of-Time Award

2013 - IBM Research Outstanding Technical Accomplishment Award

2013 - IBM Research Accomplishment Award

2013 - ICDT Test-of-Time Award

2010 - IBM Research Accomplishment Award

2008 - IBM Research Accomplishment Award