60GHz Phased-Array Antenna-in-Package Development       


 Brian P. Gaucher photo

60GHz Phased-Array Antenna-in-Package Development - overview

Since 2003, the RF Circuits and Systems Group in IBM Research has been working on the development of 60-GHz radio chipsets. In addition to the IC development, the group is also developing low-cost mmWave packaging techniques, as the package plays a key role in the overall system performance and cost. The most comprehensive package (shown in the picture) embeds 16 phased-array antennas directly within it. This provides a single-package mmWave solution, allowing customers to integrate mmWave functionality into their products using existing skills and equipment. The size of the package is roughly that of a US quarter.

IBM 60GHz phased-array package 1

IBM 60GHz phased-array package 2