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Storage Systems (discontinued) Publications


VMAR: Optimizing I/O Performance and Resource Utilization in the Cloud
Zhiming Shen, Zhe Zhang, Andrzej Kochut, Alexei Karve, Han Chen, Minkyong Kim Hui Lei, Nicholas Fuller
Proceedings of the 14th ACM/IFIP/USENIX International Conference on Middleware (Middleware '13, Research Track), , pp. 183--203, ACM/IFIP/USENIX, 2013

Data Sharing Made Easy through Programmable File System Metadata
Zhe Zhang, Remzi Arpaci-Dusseau
SOSP (Work-in-Progress session), ACM, 2013

Understanding Vertical Scalability of I/O Virtualization for MapReduce Workloads: Challenges and Opportunities
Bogdan Nicolae
BigDataCloud'13: 2nd Workshop on Big Data Management in Clouds, 2013


VDN: Virtual Machine Image Distribution Network for Cloud Data Centers
Chunyi Peng, Minkyong Kim, Zhe Zhang, and Hui Lei

Small is Big: Functionally Partitioned File Caching in Virtualized Environments
Zhe Zhang, Han Chen, Hui Lei
HotCloud '12 -- 4th USENIX Workshop on Hot Topics in Cloud Computing , USENIX, 2012

Empirical Study of Application Runtime Performance using On-demand Streaming Virtual Disks in the Cloud
Han Chen, Mikyong Kim, Zhe Zhang, Hui Lei
Middleware 2012 (Industrial Track)

Content Sharing Graphs for Deduplication-Enabled Storage Systems
Maohua Lu, Cornel Constantinescu, Prasenjit Sarkar
Algorithms 5(2), 236--260, Molecular Diversity Preservation International, 2012

An Update-Aware Storage System for Low-Locality Update-Intensive Workloads
D.N. Simha, M. Lu, T. Chiueh
2012 -


An Empirical Analysis of Similarity in Virtual Machine Images
K. R. Jayaram, Chunyi Peng, Zhe Zhang, Mikyong Kim, Han Chen, Hui Lei
Middleware 2011

Scalable Index Update for Block-Level Continuous Data Protection
M. Lu, D. Simha, T. Chiueh
Networking, Architecture and Storage (NAS), 2011 6th IEEE International Conference on, pp. 372--381

Quick Estimation of Data Compression and De-Duplication for Large Storage Systems
C. Constantinescu, M. Lu
CCP2011: First International Conference on Data Compression, Communication and Processing, pp. 89-93

WO Patent WO/2011/090,500


Data deduplication techniques
AO Li, SHU Ji-Wu, L. Mingqiang
Journal of Software 5(5), 007, 2010

DACO: A High-Performance Disk Architecture Designed Specially for Large-Scale Erasure-Coded Storage Systems
M. Li, J. Shu
Computers, IEEE Transactions on 59(10), 1350--1362, IEEE, 2010

On the equivalence between the B-Code constructions and perfect one-factorizations
M Li, J Shu
Information Theory Proceedings (ISIT), 2010 IEEE International Symposium on, pp. 993--996

Preventing Silent Data Corruptions from Propagating During Data Reconstruction
M. Li, J. Shu
Computers, IEEE Transactions on 59(12), 1611--1624, IEEE, 2010

On cyclic lowest density MDS array codes constructed using starters
M Li, J Shu
Information Theory Proceedings (ISIT), 2010 IEEE International Symposium on, pp. 1315--1319


GRID codes: Strip-based erasure codes with high fault tolerance for storage systems
M. Li, J. Shu, W. Zheng
ACM Transactions on Storage (TOS) 4(4), 15, ACM, 2009

File versioning for block-level continuous data protection
M. Lu, T. Chiueh
Distributed Computing Systems, 2009. ICDCS'09. 29th IEEE International Conference on, pp. 327--334


A Survey of Studies on Self-Similarity in I/O Workloads [J]
L Mingqiang, S Jiwu
Journal of Computer Research and Development6, 2008

An incremental file system consistency checker for block-level cdp systems
M. Lu, T. Chiueh, S. Lin
Reliable Distributed Systems, 2008. SRDS'08. IEEE Symposium on, pp. 157--162


Efficient logging and replication techniques for comprehensive data protection
M. Lu, S. Lin, T. Chiueh
Mass Storage Systems and Technologies, 2007. MSST 2007. 24th IEEE Conference on, pp. 171--184

Year Unknown

Flash 存储技术
W.J. Zheng, M.Q. Li, J.W. Shu
計算機研究與發展 47(4), 716--726, 0