Next Billions Publications


Publics in practice: ubiquitous computing at a shelter for homeless mothers
C A Le Dantec, R G Farrell, J E Christensen, M Bailey, J B Ellis, W A Kellogg, W K Edwards
Proceedings of the 2011 annual conference on Human factors in computing systems, pp. 1687--1696


Mobile Phones for Health Education in the Developing World: SMS as a User Interface
Danis, C., Ellis, J.B., Kellogg, W.A., van Beijma, H., Hoefman, B., Daniels, S. D., Loggers, J-W
ACM Dev 2010, First Annual Symposium on Computing for Development, pp. 13

A Picture and a Thousand Words: Visual Scaffolding for Mobile Communication in Developing Regions
Robert Farrell, Catalina Danis, Thomas Erickson, Jason Ellis, Jim Christensen, Mark Bailey, Wendy A Kellogg
International Journal of Handheld Computing Research (IJHCR) 1(4), 81--95, IGI Global, 2010

A tale of two publics: democratizing design at the margins
Christopher A Le Dantec, Jim E Christensen, Mark Bailey, Robert G Farrell, Jason B Ellis, Catalina M Danis, Wendy A Kellogg, Keith W Edwards
Proceedings of the 8th ACM Conference on Designing Interactive Systems, pp. 11--20, ACM, 2010

Understanding Social Navigation through the Spoken Web: Latent Variable Models of IVR Usage by Rural Farmers in Gururat, India
Farrell, R.G., Das, R., and Rajput, N.
AAAI Spring Symposium on AI for Development, 2010

A Picture and a Thousand Worlds: Visual Scaffolding for the Developing World
Farrell, R. G., Danis, C. M., Erickson, T., Ellis, J. B., Christensen, J. E. Bailey, M. and Kellogg, W. A.
International Journal of Handheld Computing Research, 2010


Social Computing Applications for the Next Billion Users
C Danis, M Bailey, J Christensen, J Ellis, T Erickson, R Farrell, C Halverson, W A Kellogg, 2009

Mobile Applications for the Next Billions: A Social Computing Perspective
C Danis, M Bailey, J Christensen, J Ellis, T Erickson, R Farrell, W A Kellogg, 2009

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