SAFEST: Situation Awareness for Enhanced Safer Transportation Publications


Rail component detection, optimization and assessment for automatic rail track inspection
Ying Li, H. Trinh, N. Haas and S. Pankanti
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Anomalous Tie Plate Detection for Railroad Inspection
Ying Li and S. Pankanti
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5. H. Trinh, S. Pankanti, N. Haas and Ying Li
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Enhanced Rail Component Detection and Consolidation for Rail Track Inspection
Hoang Trinh, Norman Haas, Ying Li, Charles Otto, Sharath Pankanti
Workshop on the Applications of Computer Vision , 2012


Practical computer vision: example techniques and challenges
S Pankanti, L Brown, J Connell, A Datta, Q Fan, R Feris, N Haas, Y Li, N Ratha, H Trinh
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Component-based track inspection using machine-vision technology
Ying Li, Charles Otto, Norm Haas, Yuichi Fujiki, Sharath Pankanti
Proceedings of the 1st ACM International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval, pp. 60, 2011