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Performance Management of Accelerated MapReduce Workloads in Heterogeneous Clusters
J Polo, D Carrera, Y Becerra, J Torres, E Ayguad{'e}, M Steinder, I Whalley
39th International Conference on Parallel Processing (ICPP2010)

See Spot Run: Using Spot Instances for MapReduce Workflows
N. Chohan, C. Castillo, M. Spreitzer, M. Steinder, A. Tantawi, C. Krintz
2nd USENIX Workshop on Hot Topics in Cloud Computing, pp. 7--7, 2010

Performance-driven task co-scheduling for mapreduce environments
J Polo, D Carrera, Y Becerra, M Steinder, I Whalley
Network Operations and Management Symposium (NOMS), 2010 IEEE, pp. 373--380