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IBM Strategic IP Insight Platform (SIIP) Publications


A smarter process for sensing the information space
WS Spangler, JT Kreulen, Y Chen, L Proctor, A Alba, A Lelescu, A Behal
IBM Journal of Research and Development 54(4), 1--13, IBM, 2010

ChemBrowser: A Flexible Framework for Mining Chemical Documents
X Wu, L Zhang, Y Chen, J Rhodes, T D Griffin, S K Boyer, A Alba, K Cai
Advances in Computational Biology, 57--64, Springer, 2010


SIMPLE: a strategic information mining platform for licensing and execution
Y. Chen, S. Spangler, J. Kreulen, S. Boyer, T.D. Griffin, A. Alba, A. Behal, B. He, L. Kato, A. Lelescu, others
Data Mining Workshops, 2009. ICDMW'09. IEEE International Conference on, pp. 270--275

SIMPLE: A Strategic Information Mining Platform for IP Excellence
Y Chen, S Spangler, J Kreulen, S Boyer, T D Griffin, A Alba, A Behal, B He, L Kato, A Lelescu, others
San Jose, CA, USA, 2009

COA: finding novel patents through text analysis
Mohammad Al Hasan, Scott W Spangler, Thomas Griffin, Alfredo Alba
Proceedings of the 15th ACM SIGKDD international conference on Knowledge discovery and data mining, pp. 1175--1184, ACM, 2009

Change Detection and Correction Facilitation for Web Applications and Services
A Alba, V Bhagwan, T Grandison, D Gruhl, J Pieper
Web Services, 2009, pp. 1012--1013


2010 - IBM Research Accomplishment Award

2010 - Top-10 Data Mining Case Study (ICDM)