Lithium/Air Battery Project (Battery 500)       


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Lithium/Air Battery Project (Battery 500) Publications


Identifying capacity limitations in the Li/oxygen battery using experiments and modeling
P Albertus, G Girishkumar, B McCloskey, R S S{'a}nchez-Carrera, B Kozinsky, J Christensen, AC Luntz
Journal of The Electrochemical Society158, 343, 2011

Electrical conductivity in Li2O2 and its role in determining capacity limitations in non-aqueous Li-O2 batteries
V Viswanathan, KS Thygesen, JS Hummelsho-j, JK No-rskov, G Girishkumar, BD McCloskey, AC Luntz
Journal of Chemical Physics 135(21), 214704, 2011

On the efficacy of electrocatalysis in non-aqueous Li-O2 batteries
B.D. McCloskey, R. Scheffler, A. Speidel, D.S. Bethune, R.M. Shelby, A.C. Luntz
Journal of the American Chemical Society, ACS Publications, 2011

Solvents’ Critical Role in Nonaqueous Lithium--Oxygen Battery Electrochemistry
BD McCloskey, DS Bethune, RM Shelby, G. Girishkumar, AC Luntz
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters2, 1161--1166, ACS Publications, 2011


Lithium- air battery: Promise and challenges
G. Girishkumar, B. McCloskey, AC Luntz, S. Swanson, W. Wilcke
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 1(14), 2193--2203, ACS Publications, 2010

Year Unknown

Investigating Li-O2 Electrochemistry using Differential Electrochemical Mass Spectrometry (DEMS) and Surface Characterization Techniques
G. GirishKumar, B. McCloskey, K. Virwani, D. Bethune, D. Miller, R. Shelby, MW Hart, G. Wallraff, S. Swanson, W. Wilcke, others
G GirishKumar, B McCloskey, K Virwani, D Bethune..., 0