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Processing read and write requests in a storage controller
Lawrence Y Chiu, Yu-Cheng Hsu, Sangeetha Seshadri
US Patent 8,700,852



Adaptive Data Migration in Multi-tiered Storage Based Cloud Environment
G. Zhang, L. Chiu, L. Liu
Cloud Computing (CLOUD), 2010 IEEE 3rd International Conference on, pp. 148--155

Automated lookahead data migration in SSD-enabled multi-tiered storage systems
G. Zhang, L. Chiu, C. Dickey, L. Liu, P. Muench, S. Seshadri
Mass Storage Systems and Technologies (MSST), 2010 IEEE 26th Symposium on, pp. 1--6


Differential caching mechanism based on media I/O speed
M.T. Benhase, L.Y. Chiu, L.M. Gupta, Y.C. Hsu
US Patent App. 12/484,963