Development of Model Transformations       


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Development of Model Transformations Publications


Combining specification-based and code-based coverage for model transformation chains
E. Bauer, J. Küster
In Proc. Int'l Conference on Model Transformations 2011 (ICMT 2011), Springer LNCS 6707, 78-92, 2011

Test suite quality for model transformation chains
E. Bauer, J. Küster, G. Engels
In Proc. TOOLS Europe 2011, Springer LNCS 6705, 3-19, 2011


Incremental development of model transformation chains using automated testing
J. Küster, T. Gschwind, O. Zimmermann
In Proc. 12th Int'l Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems (MODELS 2009), Denver, CO, USA, Springer LNCS 5795, 733-747, 2009

Generating instance models from meta models
K. Ehrig, J.M. Küster, G. Taentzer
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Definition and validation of model transformations
J.M. Küster
Software and Systems Modeling 5(3), 233-259, Springer, 2006

Generating Instance Models from Meta Models
K. Ehrig, J. Küster, G. Taentzer, J. Winkelmann
In Proc. Int'l Conf. 8th IFIP WG 6.1 (FMOODS 2006), Bologna, Italy, Springer LNCS 4037, 156-170


A Layered Approach to Defining a Transformation Language-Informal Description and Validation by Case Study
K. Ryndina, J.M. Küster
Technical Report, RZ 3547, IBM Research, 2005

A Systematic Approach to Designing Model Transformations
J.M. Küster, K. Ryndina, R. Hauser
Technical Report, RZ 3621, IBM Research, 2005

Comparing two model transformation approaches
J.M. Küster, S. Sendall, M. Wahler
In Proc. Workshop on OCL and Model Driven Engineering at UML Modeling Languages and Applications (UML 2004), Lisbon, Portugal, Springer LNCS 3297, 67-75, 2005


Understanding Model Transformation by Classification and Formalization
S. Sendall, R. Hauser, J. Koehler, J. Küster, M. Wahler
In Proc. Workshop on Software Transformation Systems (STS04) at GPCE'04, Vancouver, Canada, 30-31, 2004

Systematic validation of model transformations
J.M. Küster
In Proc. 3rd UML Workshop in Software Model Engineering (WiSME 2004), Lisbon, Portugal, 2004


Defining and validating transformations of UML models
J.M. Küster, R. Heckel, G. Engels
In Proc. IEEE Symposium Human Centric Computing Languages and Environments (HCC 2003), Auckland, New Zealand, 145-152, 2003


Towards automatic translation of UML models into semantic domains
R. Heckel, J. Küster, G. Taentzer
In Proc. Workshop on Applied Graph Transformation (AGT 2002), Grenoble, France, 11-22, 2002