Blue Gene/Q Supercomputer Design     


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Blue Gene/Q Supercomputer Design Publications


Multi-petascale highly efficient parallel supercomputer
Sameh Asaad, Ralph Bellofatto, Michael Blocksome, Matthias Blumrich, Peter Boyle, Jose R Brunheroto, Dong Chen, Chen-Yong Cher, George L Chiu, Norman Christ, others
US 9971713


System-wide power management control via clock distribution network
Paul W. Coteus, Alan Gara, Thomas M. Gooding, Rudolf A. Haring, Gerard V. Kopcsay, Thomas A. Liebsch, Don D. Reed
US patent 9037892


Testing and operating a multiprocessor chip with processor redundancy
Ralph E. Bellofatto, Steven M. Douskey, Rudolf A. Haring, Moyra K. McManus, Martin Ohmacht, Dietmar Schmunkamp, Krishnan Sugavanam, Bryan J. Weatherford
US patent 8868975

Low Power, Massively Parallel, Energy Efficient Supercomputers
IBM BlueGene team
The Green Computing Book: Tackling Energy Efficiency at Large Scale, Chapman & Hall/CRC press (Taylor & Francis), 2014


Global synchronization of parallel processors using clock pulse width modulation
D Chen, M R Ellavsky, R L Franke, A Gara, T M Gooding, R A Haring, M J Jeanson, G V Kopcsay, T A Liebsch, D Littrell, M Ohmacht, D D Reed, B E Schenck, R A Swetz
US Patent 8412974

Reproducibility in a multiprocessor system
R A Bellofatto, D Chen, P W Coteus, N A Eisley, A Gara, T M Gooding, R A Haring, P Heidelberger, G V Kopcsay, T A Liebsch, M Ohmacht, D D Reed, R M Senger, B Steinmacher-Burow, Y Sugawara
US Patent 8595554

Blue Gene/Q: by co-design
IBM Blue Gene Team
Computer Science - Research and Development 28(2-3), 127-135, Springer-Verlag, 2013

The Blue Gene Project
IBM Blue Gene Team
IBM Journal of Research and Development 57(1/2), 0:1-6, 2013

Design of the IBM Blue Gene/Q Compute chip
IBM Blue Gene team
IBM Journal of Research and Development 57(1/2), 1:1-1:13, 2013

Design for low power and power management in IBM Blue Gene/Q
K. Sugavanam, C.Y. Cher, J.A. Gunnels, R.A. Haring, P. Heidelberger, H.M. Jacobson, M.K. McManus, D.P. Paulsen, D.L. Satterfield, Y. Sugawara, R. Walkup
IBM Journal of Research and Development 57(1/2), 3:1-11, IBM, 2013

Modeling, validation, and co-design of IBM Blue Gene/Q: Tools and examples
I B M Blue Gene Team
IBM Journal of Research and Development 57(1/2), 6:1--6:12, 2013

Blue Gene/Q: Sequoia and Mira
P. Vranas (chapter editor) and co-authors from IBM/ANL/LLNL
Contemporary High Performance Computing: From Petascale toward Exascale, Chapman & Hall/CRC press (Taylor & Francis), 2013

IBM Blue Gene/Q system software stack
Kyung Dong Ryu, TA Inglett, Ralph Bellofatto, MA Blocksome, Thomas Gooding, Sameer Kumar, Amith R Mamidala, MG Megerian, Sam Miller, MT Nelson, others
IBM Journal of Research and Development 57(1/2), 5--1, IBM, 2013

The IBM Blue Gene project
IBM Blue Gene team
IBM Journal of Research and Development 57(1/2), 0:1-0:6, 2013

Programmable stream prefetch with resource optimization
Peter Boyle, Norman Christ, Alan Gara, Robert Mawhinney, Martin Ohmacht, Krishnan Sugavanam
US Patent 8,347,039

IBM Blue Gene/Q memory subsystem with speculative execution and transactional memory
Martin Ohmacht, Amy Wang, Thomas Gooding, Ben Nathanson, Indira Nair, Geert Janssen, Marcel Schaal, Burkhard Steinmacher-Burow
IBM Journal of Research and Development 57(1/2), 7--1, IBM, 2013

Software Support and Evaluation of Hardware Transaction Memory on Blue Gene/Q
Amy Wang, Matthew Gaudet, Peng Wu, Martin Ohmacht, J Amaral, Christopher Barton, Raul Silvera, M Michael
2013 -, IEEE


Method and apparatus to debug an integrated circuit chip via synchronous clock stop and scan
Ralph E. Bellofatto, Matthew R. Ellavsky, Alan G. Gara, Mark E. Giampapa, Thomas M. Gooding, Rudolf A. Haring, Lance G. Hehenberger, Martin Ohmacht
US 8140925

The IBM Blue Gene/Q Compute Chip
R.A. Haring, M. Ohmacht, T.W. Fox, M.K. Gschwind, D.L. Satterfield, K. Sugavanam, P.W. Coteus, P. Heidelberger, M.A. Blumrich, R.W. Wisniewski, A. Gara, G.L.-T. Chiu, P.A. Boyle, N.H. Chist, Changhoan Kim
Micro, IEEE 32(2), 48 -60, IEEE, 2012

A cycle-accurate, cycle-reproducible multi-FPGA system for accelerating multi-core processor simulation
Sameh Asaad, Jos\'e Tierno, Ralph Bellofatto, Bernard Brezzo, Chuck Haymes, Mohit Kapur, Benjamin Parker, Thomas Roewer, Proshanta Saha, Todd Takken
Proceedings of the ACM/SIGDA international symposium on Field Programmable Gate Arrays - FPGA '12, pp. 153, ACM Press, 2012

Efficient rollback and retry of conflicted speculative threads using distributed tokens
Martin Ohmacht, Raul E Silvera, Mark G Stoodley, Kai-Ting A Wang
US Patent App. 13/730,427

Evaluation of Blue Gene/Q hardware support for transactional memories
Amy Wang, Matthew Gaudet, Peng Wu, Jos\'e Nelson Amaral, Martin Ohmacht, Christopher Barton, Raul Silvera, Maged Michael
Proceedings of the 21st international conference on Parallel architectures and compilation techniques, pp. 127--136, 2012


The Blue Gene/Q Compute Chip
R Haring, others
Proceedings of the 23th IEEE International Symposium on High Performance Chips (HotChips), 2011

A 4R2W register file for a 2.3 GHz wire-speed POWERâ„¢ processor with double-pumped write operation
GS Ditlow, Robett K Montoye, Salvattre N Storino, SM Dance, S Ehrenreich, BM Fleischer, TW Fox, KM Holmes, J Mihara, Y Nakamura, others
Solid-State Circuits Conference Digest of Technical Papers (ISSCC), 2011 IEEE International, pp. 256--258

Hardware support for transactional memory and thread-level speculation in the IBM Blue Gene/Q system
M Ohmacht
Presentation at Wild and Sane Ideas in Speculation and Transactions workshop, 2011


Sameh W Asaad, Ralph E Bellofatto, Bernard Brezzo, Charles L Haymes, Mohit Kapur, Benjamin D Parker, Thomas Roewer, Jose A Tierno
US Patent App. 12/941,834

Two different prefetching complementary engines operating simultaneously
Peter A Boyle, Norman H Christ, Alan Gara, Robert D Mawhinney, Martin Ohmacht, Krishnan Sugavanam
US Patent App. 12/696,746